December 2013 - My Hue HD Camera Review

Links updated 7/21/15

I had the privilege of reviewing the Hue HD Camera found here on the Hue HD website. I just love it! There are many features about this little camera that are absolutely PERFECT for educators or really anyone who is looking for an affordable solution for a webcam or document camera. This little camera also takes still pictures AND has a built-in microphone too! Below are some of the features that I would like to tell you about:

  • One of my favorite features is the portability of this camera. Its size is perfect for the classroom or traveling as it does not take up much space.
  • Another great feature is that it is plug-n-play. It has a USB plug that fits right into your pc or laptop and the software will install quickly as your device recognizes the camera. It also comes with an installation CD if you need it. I did not need it to install it on my laptop.

  • I love the gooseneck! Being able to turn and twist the camera around helps so much with getting just the right angle for what you want to present. It also helps with taking a picture or using it to video conference with someone or a group.

  • Ever want to video a lesson or activity to share with your class or parents later on? Then this little gadget is perfect for you! Just set it up, click on record and there you go. With the built-in microphone, it is so easy to use for doing recordings or videos. Plus, you do not need a stand for your camera or tripod either!

  • Finally and most importantly to all educators, the Hue HD Camera is AFFORDABLE! The cost is around $50! WOW! So, do not wait another minute and order you one today! Here is the link to purchase your Hue HD Camera directly from the Hue HD website.

I would like to thank Hue HD for inviting me to participate in reviewing this great, little camera. I have shared with many people about the versatility of this camera and it's affordability. Truly, great things do come in small packages! Thanks Hue HD for creating such a wonderful product!

Anita Harris

Instructional Technology Specialist