Project-Based LearningThis wiki page is for anyone to add their resources for project-based learning and for others to have a place to go to find resources. Thank you for sharing yours!
Here are my favorite PBL sites:
BIE Tools – PBL Project Search – Here you will find a collection of 450 proven lesson plans to set any PBL desire into action. Look at the database found on the right hand side of the page.

West Virginia PBL Project Data Base – This is a wonderful site where teachers can search through the subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, dance, visual arts, theater, and music. You can select from grade two all the way through grade twelve. These are PBL projects made by teachers for teachers!

Learning Reviews – This website claims to connect kids to learning on the web. It really connects kids to awesome, engaging, rigorous, and relevant projects. It points to numerous websites on the internet that house some great PBL possibilities. Be sure to check out all of the subjects and grade levels.
Here are more than 30 websites with free PBL examples, guidance, rubrics, and templates. To see project-based learning lessons sorted by subject go to:

Edutopia – Learn all about Project Based Learning from the amazing people at Edutopia. You will discover lessons, videos, and thought provoking articles that will peak your PBL interest!

PBL Super Highway – 45 Links to some great resources to help with PBL

Real Wold Math PBL – Small selection of projects based on math skills.
Math Matter Geometry – Selection of 10 Geometry projects developed in Indiana and hosted by Indiana University.
Math Matter Algebra 1 – Selection of about 20 Algebra 1 Projects from Math Matters at Indiana University designed for middle school.
Math Matters Algebra 2 – Selection of over 20 Algebra 2 Projects from Math Matters at Indiana University designed for high school.

iEarn – Projects based on contemporary issues with an emphasis towards collaboration beyond your district, state, and of high schools.

High Tech High School – Seven projects that have been successful at this PBL based school.

National Service Learning Clearing House – Hundreds of ideas. While not all may be PBL… they could sure be remixed to have all the components!

Exemplary Projects – While there are not a lot of projects… there are some cool ideas.

More sites:
Thinkfinity in Virginia PBL Blog Post
Here are PBL resources to help you in your efforts to create great learning opportunities for kids provided by Bob Pearlman's website: